Welcome to the “Love with Abandon” Art Project

Did you find some abandoned art?
Head to the Facebook page to leave a comment or post to Instagram with the hashtag #lovewithabadonart so the person who left it knows it got a good home and follow @lovewithabandonart to see other finds.

This project seeks to create community through art making and the unexpected discovery of handmade treasures. Join us in creating art, letting go, and finding joy through spreading a message of love!

Take the challenge!
Create something that will positively impact the world. Even if it’s tiny, it can make someone’s day. Leave it behind in a public place for someone to find. Using the address ccart.site, attach a tag or just write it on your creation so that the person who finds it can check in at “Love with Abandon” Art.

If you found a created treasure, please feel free to leave a comment about how it may have positively impacted your day. Then pass it on by creating something of your own to leave for someone else to discover.

No artistic ability required!
Just a desire to make the world a better place, one handmade treasure at a time! For some inspirations see the “Little Boxes” Blog by Clay Charlotte.